Secretropin® is a source of amino acids. Published clinical studies since 2001 have documented this ability of Secretropin® in 92% of the patients using it correctly. Due to this ability to aid in amino acid uptake, it was felt that the product should be dispensed and monitored by a health care professional.

Unfortunately, there are many healthcare providers who have not learned about the benefits of amino acids uptake and absorption that decrease as we age and for cause (head trauma, medication, irradiation and toxins in our environment). But it is understood that by maintaining healthy physiologic levels of all amino acids is associated with quality living and health.

If you are looking to obtain Secretropin® please see your medical doctor or health practitioner.  If you already have a prescription from your health care provider please contact us at

There are three ways that you can purchase Secretropin.

1. Many Doctors and Health Professionals can prescribe and dispense it to you directly.

2. Pharmacies can provide Secretropin to you with a prescription from your doctor.

3. We can provide Secretropin to you directly. We recommend that you be under the care of a doctor or health practitioner and with a prescription from your doctor.

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